Let's document your love!


Yay, you're engaged! 

Engagement sessions are all about getting comfortable and just having fun! I want to make sure that we can make the best of your engagement session and that the images reflect your natural and special connection with each other. I've put together some tips and guidelines to ensure we can rock our session! Here's to celebrating your engagement and this wonderful part of your life!




"I never have my photos taken PROFESSIONALLY"

"I'm so awkward"

"I'm not very photogenic"

These are a few things that I hear all the time before a session starts. By the end, it's usually the same people that are complete naturals in front of the camera and giving suggestions of what to do next! I work with normal, everyday couples to create images that express who they truly are. I will be guiding you throughout the session and I'll help you both feel comfortable in front of my camera.

So don't stress, everyone gets a bit nervous!


Location, Location, Location...

Whether that’s your own home, your favorite part of the city, your wedding venue, or somewhere in nature, pick a location that's all about you. I want to make sure you’re surrounded by what you love. Think about what type of environment clicks with your personality and lifestyle, or maybe a place that means something special to you. 

Remember, lighting is key! 

A sunny outdoor setting is best photographed a few hours before sunset. Or if you're an early bird, the first two hours after sunrise. An indoor location would be ideal with tons of natural light filling in through windows.


*I'm here to help! I've explored a bunch of areas around Austin and beyond so let's brainstorm ideas together!


Wear something you feel confident and comfortable in! 

Feel free to bring a second outfit to change into halfway through the session. Most couples have two outfits, adding more diversity to the photos with one outfit being more dressy and the other more casual. The more comfortable and confident you feel, the more it will show in the photos! I love all the behind-the-scenes details so shoot me an email or text with any styling ideas and I can give you some input. Whether it's a long, flowy dress or your favorite jeans and top, allow your personality to shine through! 






or let's do both!


 Having the session after a long day at work or an errand-filled day can be stressful and that will translate in the photographs.

I want to photograph your love and excitement for each other so make the engagement session day an easy, relaxing day! Visit your favorite spots in town, grab lunch together, get a drink, talk about how you met, relax together doing something you enjoy. Schedules can be tight and it might be hard to take off an entire day but I assure you that not only will this love-filled excitement make it easier for me to capture your love, but the entire day will be a date to remember! So take a day off from work and wedding planning, you deserve it!



You're engaged so show it off!



hold hands...

You probably don't need to be persuaded to get close to your partner, but do plan to get a few affectionate close-up pictures: hug, kiss, hold hands, sling your arm around their shoulders. You're engaged and in love, show it off! I want to capture your natural chemistry but this can only work if you let me into your space. Enjoy the outtakes and all the moments in-between. Make each other laugh and embrace the vulnerable moments. Think about how you interact when you're alone. It might be hard to completely ignore my camera, but I'll need you to meet me halfway and allow me into your intimacy. 


Let's play music!

Music is one of the best tools to help you loosen up and feel comfortable. I always encourage my couples to prepare their favorite playlist on Spotify and I'll play it while we are shooting! You can choose fun uplifting music, classics, or a few slow songs in the mix to get some great dancing shots. Any music that gets your dancing grooves on! What better way to connect with your partner than having a dance session together? 



When should you schedule your session?

Engagement sessions can be planned in any season you like. The only thing for you to keep in mind is when you need the final images.  Some couples use the photos for save the date cards invitations, so it's important to plan the session a few weeks before you need to order the cards. This will ensure you have the images and will be able to select your favorites to use in your design. 

When will you get your photos back?

I edit a few sneak peeks (5-10 photos!) within 48 hours of our session. You will receive the entire gallery roughly 2 weeks after our session. Yay, I want you to get your photos as soon as possible!


austin texas wedding photogapher elopement photographer-12.jpg




This might sound obvious, but with a camera around it might be a hard thing to commit to. With the location and outfits chosen to fit your personality,  I want your chemistry and dynamic to captured throughout the shoot. Don't get too worked up about how you think you should be in front of the camera and what will photograph best, I'll be there to guide and direct you both! The more relaxed you are, the more fun you will have and in turn the more natural the photos will be. And as a huge plus, by the time it's your big day, you will be pros in front of the camera! 

Let's capture this exciting stage in your life!









Let's rock your session!