Iceland Bridal Inspiration

Bridal Inspiration

Southern Iceland

I traveled to Iceland in May with a few of my friends for a photography adventure. On our way to the plane,we came up with the spontaneous idea to do a styled bridal shoot! We noticed that beautiful wild purple flowers were in bloom all around us so we quickly pulled over and made a bouquet. :. I'm so glad I brought this white dress on my trip because it looks amazing on Olivia!

I visited Iceland 2 years ago and this was one of my favorite locations so I had to go back for my second trip to Iceland. I am beyond obsessed with airplanes (I want to be a pilot when I'm older!), so the idea of photographing right next to a plane is 16876 dreams coming true! Seriously, I still can't get over it! 

Now I just need some fun couples to come adventure with me in Iceland and I'll follow you around with my camera in hand.