Icelandic Portrait Session II

The black sand beaches are one of my favorite places in Iceland and I just wish I could just live in a cabin overlooking the mountains and beaches in Iceland. 2016 was filled with travel and I'm forever grateful I witnessed such beautiful locations and learned about different cultures. I'm already planning my next adventures for 2017 (Southeast Asia!), and I might squeeze in another trip to Iceland again! Visiting countries like Iceland reminds me how lucky I am to travel and witness such beautiful places on Earth. I'm usually quite busy with my schooling in Austin but I always love having travel plans to look forward to when I'm very stressed out. I look forward to moments when the landscapes take my breath away. To be reminded how small we are, how short our lives are. Life is what you make of it so let's make 2017 amazing! Here's a self portrait session from Iceland to celebrate the end of 2016 and the start of new adventures!