Colorado Mountain Adventures with Autumn

Autumn in the Mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

A few years ago I really wanted to travel to Iceland but none of my personal friends could go in the same timeframe I was planning. So I posted on Facebook that I was looking for travel buddies to join me and Autumn was one of the people that responded. Since the beginning of my photography I followed Autumn Wilson's work and I was excited to collaborate with her in such a beautiful country. The trip to Iceland was with all photographers and models from all over the globe. Some people might think it's crazy that I meet up with photographers from all over the world, but the trip was life changing. I made connections with people who came from different backgrounds but ultimately had the same goal of creating imagery that pushed their artistic limits. Traveling with photographers has shown me a new way of traveling that has inspired so much of my recent work. Now I'm hooked to the lifestyle of traveling and creating images during my trip.

After our trip to Iceland, Autumn and I reconnected the following summer with a roadtrip through California. Then a few months ago I asked her to join me in photographing my friend's wedding in Denver. On our extra days in Denver, I could not wait to photograph Autumn in some mountain scenery again. Not only is it amazing to travel with a similar mind, Autumn is truly inspirational. She grew up in North Dakota without traveling much in her childhood. She first saw the ocean in her late teens and instantly got hooked on traveling. Since then she has been balancing her photography career with her travels. She travels for months at a time, wanting to learn about many cultures as possible. Her five month trip to Southeast Asia earlier this year looked amazing! You bet I took notes for my own trip to Asia (summer 2017) when we caught up in Denver! Autumn and I are already planning for our next trip in 2017. It's amazing to find a friend who understands waiting hours for the perfect light, sharing tips and tricks for cameras/editing, running around and changing into outfits for our visions, and enjoying Taco Bell at the end of a tiring day.


Surround yourself with people who inspire you... and good travel buddies! 


Here are some of the images from our recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, outside of Denver, Colorado: