Arlynnda & Vance Proposal in Austin, Texas

Arlynnda & Vance

Proposal in Austin, Texas

A few months ago, my friend's boyfriend Vance contacted me about capturing his proposal to Arlynnda on camera. I couldn't be more excited to photograph such a sweet moment, especially since Vance really thought about how to make the day perfect for Arlynnda. Arlynnda is a huge fan of cacti and succulents so he planned to propose in a place where she could be surrounded by her favorite plants. He bought the rings from one of her favorite jewelers and planned a weekend in Austin filled with all of her favorite things, including sushi for dinner! They came from Corpus Christi to Austin for their weekend together and on one of the days they scheduled a couple session and right in the middle of the session, he put the most beautiful engagement rings in a succulent plant and proposed to her. I was shaking and tearing up in the moment because Arlynnda's reaction was genuine surprise and it was amazing to witness their love for each other. They even bought the succulents that the rings were placed in so that they could take care of this plant together. Afterwords, we took a few more pictures at Mckinney Falls to celebrate their love and I couldn't be happier with the way these images came out.  Congrats Arlynnda and Vance, I hope you enjoy the next journey of wedding planning together!! ;)