Joe & Andy's Bohemian Wedding in Austin, Texas

Joe & Andy

Bohemian Wedding in Austin, Texas

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Joe and Andy's wedding at Stonehouse Villa, in the heart of the hill country in Texas. I photographed Joe and Andy in a sweet at-home session a few weeks before the wedding and after seeing how natural they were in front of the camera, I was very excited to photograph their wedding. The afternoon of May 21st, I arrived at Stonehouse Villa to a gorgeously styled wedding. The bouquets, wedding cake, decor, and last but not least, clothing - all of the small details were just so perfect. Andy looked like a bohemian goddess and everything was well-styled accordingly. It was a wedding straight out of a Pinterest board!

It was a bit cloudy all afternoon while everyone was getting ready and we were worried it might stat to rain during the ceremony. It started to drizzle and soon enough, right when the ceremony started, it started to downpour! The guests huddled under their jackets and umbrellas to shield themselves from the sudden rain. Nevertheless, the ceremony continued and Andy and Joe were smiling the entire time! Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves, despite getting completely wet. It made my job so easy to photograph so many people enjoying the moment, no matter what Mother Nature had in store them. 

It was my honor to photograph such a beautiful day and a huge thank you to Andy and Joe for being such champs and taking photos in the rain! They made it so easy to capture their love and I'm excited to share one of my favorite weddings yet!