Alisha & JR in Big Sur

Alisha & JR

couple session in Big Sur, California

A week ago I was in San Jose, California and I posted that I'd love to collaborate with a couple for a session during my time there. Alisha, who also attended my high school in NJ, just happened to be in the area for those days as well so we scheduled a session in Big Sur with her fiancΓ© JR. I've been to Big Sur before so I was really excited for all the cliffs, but when we showed up on the day of the photoshoot, a blanket of fog covered the entire area! At first I was bummed that you could not see the cliffs from above but we decided to go down to Pfeiffer Beach anyway and I'm so glad we did! The fog made the perfect soft lighting and even though the photos are way different than I imagined, I could not be happier with the way they came out! I'm so happy Alisha and JR let me photograph them in such a cool location :)