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Hey! I'm Anna and I'm in love with what I do. I'm a wedding, elopement, and portrait photographer based in Austin, TX. I was born in Poland (my crazy last name), I grew up on the Jersey Shore and moved to Austin a few years ago. I love traveling, sushi, mountains, woodworking, and breakfast tacos. Besides traveling between central Texas and New Jersey frequently, I am always planning my next getaway. On the weekends I'm often out exploring a new city or working on some do-it-yourself projects - woodworking is my new obsession. I love crafting, designing, and just creating art. I'm completely obsessed with learning about new cultures and I love meeting new people along the way!



I am primarily based out of Austin, TX but I was born in Poland and I grew up in New Jersey. As a teenager I got bit by the travel bug hard and I've been continuing that lifestyle as much as possible. I've visited 30 states in America and 14 countries around the world so far! I travel for more than 75% of my weddings so don't be afraid to contact me if you're outside the Austin area. Below are some of my upcoming travel and adventures and I might find myself in your area!

Upcoming Travel


January: Los Angeles, San Diego

February: New Jersey, Phoenix

March: New York City, New Jersey, Los Angeles

April: Denver

May: Santa Fe, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Iceland

June: Santa Fe, Denver, Durango *will not be in Austin

July: Santa Fe, Colorado, Seattle/Tacoma, San Francisco, *will not be in Austin

August: Santa Fe, Vail, Colorado, New Jersey *will not be in Austin

September: New Jersey, Philadelphia

October: San Diego

November: New Jersey, New Zealand

December: New Jersey

I'd love to adventure with you in an old or new location!